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That Is All We Got? One Goddamn Hit?

That Is All We Got? One Goddamn Hit?

That Is All We Got? One Goddamn Hit?

2010 World series champions, Eat Em’ Up Tigers

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Write For Now

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Traveshamockery

Thursday, June 03, 2010

28 Up, 28 Down

Monday, April 05, 2010


Monday, March 01, 2010

Tigers vs. Leather Shoes

• Austin Jackson, CF

• Johnny Damon, LF

• Don or Kory Casto, 3B

• Scott Sizemore, 2B

• Adam Everett, SS

A couple of of suprising things stand out about that relative fall into line. A Jax batting 1st accompanied by Beef Supreme is one thing to pay attention to. Yet another thing to pay attention to is the fact that we have been just batting 8 and playing without a first basemen. I think, playing without an initial basemen is a move that is risky.

In the event that Tiger’s drop tomorrow, We will riot.

You can easily stick to the game reside HERE.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Justin Verlander Is Prepared In 2010

Your Detroit Tigers signed the missing link, Johnny Damon to a one year agreement. I’ve heard lots of mixed response to this signing also to me personally it creates sense that is little. I do believe we could all agree before this signing these weaknesses were had by us…

-No leadoff hitter. I’m excited about Austin Jackson…but within the minors he hit down at an increased percent then CG did when you look at the MLB. And, their energy numbers were favorably Nook Loganion. And it is yet to handle MLB pitching.

-Lack of lefty hitters. Carlos Guillen are certain to get hurt in 2010. I’d bet my hypothetical farm upon it. Avila appears to oftimes be beginning in AAA this season. In which particular case, energy infielder and feared slugger 5’3’’ Ramon Santiago can be your lone LH bat. In a park which includes a RF that is short; it is often good to attempt to make use of that as soon as in a little while.

-Lack of offensive power. We have been nevertheless below average, but we were a little over a month away at taking a look at a lineup that contained black colored holes of Laird, Inge, Everett, Sizemore and Jackson|away at looking at a lineup that consisted of black holes of Laird, Inge, Everett, Sizemore and Jackson month}. And, that is hoping that people have September Magglio, a non broken Guillen, and livejasmin girls depending on Raburn to consistently be an advantage hitter. Even while supplying protection that is little Cabrera.

-Another thing we heard is the fact that we overpaid for Damon. It’s a single 12 months agreement, and there’s no wage limit. This will have zero effect on future investing. we think many agree we try not to desire Magglio’s 18 brazzilion $ choice to start working the following year. He requires i really believe 134 games played because of it to immediately start working. Final he played 131 year. Incorporating Damon makes this tougher for Magglio. Therefore, it might really conserve us $ into the long term. And, if you’re nevertheless upset, offer the team and consume a hot and prepared.

Also, Damon wears their socks high. It has currently endeared him to 85% of your groups fans and may lead to many others tickets sold.

-The only issue that has some substance albeit hardly any for me is it takes away at bats from Raburn. Raburn had somewhat of a breakout season year that is last. He previously a average that is respectable set up good power #’s. This could have significantly more merit to it in my opinion if Raburn had not been more or less to show 29 and revealed any such thing resembling within the past some type or sort of background that individuals should expect these figures as time goes by. But, as an excellent sub therefore the near certainty some body playing he will seeing many more at bats this year above him will be injured.

Alright, it is February, players reported simply the other time. I will be yet to see some of them using a Detroit Tigers jersey. Therefore, i’m like i’m not really away from line to tell Jim Leyland just how to run his group. To begin with, i’d like to understand this taken care of. Nearly every solitary batting purchase, pitching choice i might perform some opposite that is complete. I’m bizarro Leyland . But, me going into last year that Granderson, Polanco, Magglio, Inge, Laird, Guillen, Robertson, Willis, Bonderman, Zumaya, etc. would massively underachieve…and we’d still have a chance for the playoffs, I would think you were insane if you told. But, we did. So, we give him credit.


1. Johnny Damon LF. Lefty bat, OBP% 40 points better then CG. Means less K’s. If you read my weblog, there is certainly a rather good possibility that one may toss better then Damon. But, their real fielding within my viewpoint is fairly underrated just simply because which he has got the tossing movement of a velociraptor.

2. Magglio Ordonez RF. Extremely, greater OBP% and batting average then Polanco year that is last. And, I’m hopeful we get Sept. Magglio.

3. Miguel Cabrera 1B. He requires as much at bats as you can. I would personally constantly bat my most feared hitter 3 rd .

4. Carlos Guillen DH. It’s a small miracle if he is not on crutches by the end of this sentence. If he is able to regain some type and become a great LH bat protecting Cabrera it might be an important boost to the lineup.

5. Ryan Raburn 3B. Offering him their opportunity. He has got played IF most of their profession. Has got the opportunity to show their small test size manufacturing year that is last maybe not an aberration.

6. Alex Avila C. Solid #’s, lefty bat. Is probably not prepared, but far better offensively then Laird.

7. Brandon Inge SS. Yes, SS. Your infielder because of the most range and arm that is best should have fun with the place where he gets the many possibilities to field the ball. I pray to Jobu nightly that people get his stats production pre break that is all-star a year ago.

8. Scott Sizemore 2B. In my experience, our weakest offensively to start out the entire year. I will be a Tony La Russa believer here which you bat your weakest 8 th .

9. Austin Jackson CF. I prefer him, and therefore if he gets on base he is able to actually set within the top of our purchase well.

But, this lineup won’t ever come close to taking place and ended up being simply a workout during my boredom.

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